Diabetes Diet


Diabetes Diet – Good and Bad Foods

Diabetes Diet

Diabetes continues to be on the rise with more people getting diagnosed daily. It is important to take control and manage diabetes without living in deprivation. Eating right is a key factor, but that does not mean that one has to avoid certain foods entirely. It is still possible to enjoy meals without feeling deprived or hungry. A diabetes diet should contain be a balanced diet with proper portions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

This guide helps you make the right food choice and informs you of those to avoid. Foods that are listed under bad should be avoided or taken as occasional treats while those listed under good help you manage your diabetes as well as give you great benefits.

Carbohydrates and Your Diabetes Diet

Carbohydrates are important in your diet as they directly impact the level of glucose in your body. You have to make a wise choice when it comes to the carbs you consume. It is better to consume carbohydrates that have high fiber than highly refined carbohydrates.

Good choices

Some of the carbohydrates that you can take include whole-grain bread, whole-grain flours, corn tortillas, corn, brown rice, baked steak fries and cereals having whole-grain ingredients.

Bad choices

Carbs to be avoided include French fries, white flour, white bread, processes grains like white rice, fried tortillas made of white flour and cereals having plenty of sugar.


Vegetables and Your Diabetes Diet

Most vegetables have a high level of fiber and are low on sodium and fat, unless frozen in sauces or canned. Corn and potatoes which can be referred to as starchy vegetables aren’t considered in this group. They are part of starches group like grains, breads, etc.

Good choice

Unsalted or low sodium canned vegetables, fresh vegetables, lettuces, arugula, spinach, kale, greens, and lightly steamed or plain frozen vegetables.

Bad choice

Sauerkraut (especially if you have a condition of high blood pressure), vegetables cooked using plenty of sauce, cheese or butter: canned vegetables with plenty of sodium and pickles, only if you are required to reduce the amount of sodium you take, otherwise it is okay to add them to your diet.


Fruits and Your Diabetes Diet

Fruits contain minerals, carbohydrates, fiber and minerals. They have a low fat content, apart from avocado.

Good choices

Fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice, low sugar jam, plain frozen fruit and applesauce with no-sugar added.

Bad choices

Chewy fruit rolls,, fruit punch, regular jam, sweetened applesauce and canned fruit having plenty of sugar syrup.


Proteins and Your Diabetes Diet

This group contains foods such as cheese, nuts, chicken, pork, beef, turkey, tofu, seafood, eggs and beans.

Good choices

Turkey-bacon, stewed or boiled meats, low fat cheeses, grilled or baked fish, beans, lightly sautéed tofu, skinless breast of turkey or chicken, nuts, eggs, and lower fat slices of meat like top sirloin.

Bad choices

Pork-bacon, fried tofu or fish, fried meats, regular cheeses, beans cooked with lard, poultry served with the skin, ribs or other higher fat slices of meat.


Diary and Your Diabetes Diet

This group is important and should be part of the diabetes diet. Milk contains calcium, and lots of proteins.

Good choices

Low-fat yoghurt, low fat cheese, skim milk, and non-fat sour cream.

Bad choices

Regular sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream, yoghurt: and whole milk.


Sweets, oils and fats and Your Diabetes Diet

Regular consumption of these foods in large quantities can result to weight gain, which would make it hard to control your diabetes.

Good choices

Light salad dressing, baked snacks; baked potato chips, puffed rice, baked corn ships: air-popped popcorn, low fat mayonnaise, vegetable oils.

Bad choices

Regular mayonnaise and salad dressings, high fat snacks; pork rinds, corn chips and potato chips: hydrogenated vegetable shortening, stove-top butter flavored popcorn.


Beverages and Your Diabetes Diet

Some drinks contain plenty of carbohydrates but have little nutrition.

Good choices

Hot chocolate, plain coffee, water, flavored or unflavored sparkling water, sport drinks, unsweetened tea with lemon, non-fruity mixed drinks.

Bad choices

Regular beer, sweetened tea, energy drinks, chocolate drinks or flavored coffees, dessert wines, regular sodas.

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